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Car Spa Exterior Services for a Stunning Shine

At Shree Om Motors, we offer a comprehensive range of car spa exterior services designed to enhance and protect your vehicle's exterior. Our services include:

  • Hand Wash and Wax

    Our professional hand wash and wax process ensures that your car's paintwork is meticulously cleaned and protected with a glossy finish.

  • Paint Correction

    We can remove minor scratches, swirl marks, and imperfections from your car's paint, restoring its original shine.

  • Clay Bar Treatment

    Our clay bar treatment effectively removes contaminants from your car's surface, leaving it smooth and ready for detailing.

  • Polishing and Buffing

    Our experts use high-quality products and techniques to bring out the luster of your car's paint, giving it a showroom-quality shine.

  • Ceramic Coating

    Protect your car's paint for the long term with our ceramic coating service, offering unmatched durability and hydrophobic properties.

  • Car Rubbing and Polishing

    Give your car a glow like new one with our special car rubbing polish package

Car Service in Jaipur

Shree Om Motors offers the most affordable and best Car Service in Jaipur

  • Regular Car Service

    Every car needs periodic car maintenance. We have fixed packages for regular car services.

  • Custom Car Repairs

    Brakes, Suspension, Clutch, Engine- we repair at a price better than your authorized car service station

  • Cashless Insurance Claims

    Hassle free denting painting and car repairs through cashless and zero dep car insurance claims

  • Car Dry Cleaning

    Refresh your car interiors by car dry cleaning and polishing of all interior carpets, roof, boot, doors and dashboard.

  • Car AC Service

    Customized AC repair packages including AC gas, Cooling coil, Condenser, AC Compressor, Blower Cleaning and more.

  • Car Denting Painting

    Get your car denting painting with genuine high quality car paint from Dupont, Nippon at best paint booths. 100% colour match guarantee.

  • Car Rubbing and Polishing

    Give your car a glow like new one with our special car rubbing polish package

  • Roadside Assistance

    Roadside Assistance services like car towing, jumpstart, battery replacement by Pitcrew

Why Choose Shree Om Motors for Car Spa Exterior Services?

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